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13" x 9" Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

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Bamboo is strong and durable meanwhile is still light and easy to carry around, it’s no surprise that bamboo is often named as the new ‘green steel’ for its versatility and strength in construction.

With proper care, your bamboo can be used for a long time without the worry of them deteriorating.

  • Description: 13" x 9" Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle
  • Color: Bamboo
  • Lasered Color: Varies
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Estimated Weight: 1.533lbs
  • Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash only.
  • Length: 13"
  • Height: n/a"
  • Width: 9"
  • Thickness: 1/2"
  • Overall Size: 13"(L) x 9" (W) x 1/2"
  • Number of Batteries Required: n/a
  • Miscellaneous Dimensions: Handle hole: 2 3/16" x 11/16
  • Misc. Notes
  • Indoor Use Only: Yes
  • Double Sided: Yes
  • Has Easel Back: No
  • Back is KeyHoled: No
  • Self Standing: No
  • Dishwasher Safe: No
  • Microwave Safe: No
  • Eco-Friendly Product: Yes
  • Misc. Notes: If using the board, cut items on the side that is not personalized.